Possible Complications Developed from Severe Varicose Veins

Countless individuals suffer from varicose veins. These bulging, blue veins can easily be seen under the surface of the skin, and can cause severe discomfort. Many believe it is a minor matter that they can live with, but varicose veins can actually cause major complications if left untreated by a vein clinic. They may appear small and nonthreatening at first, but overtime, the veins will thicken, protrude from the skin, and make the leg look discolored and swollen. Once someone has developed severe varicose vein disease, there are even more possible complications that can arise.

Atrophe Blanche

The site around the veins will soon become darkened and scarred. This scarring is known as Atrophe Blanche. It can also cause small lesions to develop. The area will look far worse than it did with just a small blue vein bulging out. Once the lesions have started, the complications will only get worse from there.

Venous Dermatitis

If left untreated, varicose veins can quickly become itchy. The constant itching causes the skin over top of the veins to become irritated. This irritation leads to dry skin and can even cause dermatitis. Venous dermatitis can be treated with the help of a varicose vein clinic.



When veins become enlarged and unhealthy, it can cause the skin and soft tissue surrounding it to thicken. This can lead to Lipodermatosclerosis, which makes the skin around the varicose vein look red, dried out, and even scabbed over. Small ulcers often start to form from this complication.


Ulcers form when skin starts to break down. Once the severe varicose vein disease has reached its worst point, and the aforementioned complications have already set in, the next step is for ulcers to form. The skin will look red and scabbed, and the individual will suffer from severe pain. Most ulcers form around the lower leg and ankle, making it difficult to even walk. At this point, there is no other choice but to see a specialist in vein clinic melbourne who can help alleviate the symptoms and get the leg back to normal working condition.

Numerous complications can develop from severe varicose veins. Before it gets that far, anyone currently experiencing bulging, blue veins should make an appointment at the Melbourne vein clinic. There, they can assess the veins and determine the course of treatment for removing them or making them smaller so they are no longer an interference. By taking care of varicose veins immediately after they are noticed, it prevents the disease from spreading further and becoming a larger issue in the future.